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He found the medium endlessly inspiring, and MoMA has a rare trove. The artist was caught up in the fever for all things Japanese that held France in its sway in the late 19th century. Taking a cue from ukiyo-e prints of kabuki actors, he, too, portrayed stars with great economy of line, relying on telltale features — a topknot, a beaky nose, a pair of gloves — to identify well-known performers. Many of his compositions spin around raking diagonals, also familiar from Japanese woodblock prints.

The couple canoodles at the dinner table, which slants vertiginously across the picture — she in a flashy red dress, he in a black waistcoat and a poor comb-over. Baron Alphonse de Rothschild claimed the tale was defamatory and anti-Semitic, and sued to halt the distribution of the book and the poster.

A well-to-do aristocrat who ate with his pious mother nearly every night, he spent much of his time in the bordellos and cabarets of Montmartre, the tawdry part of town. Lautrec loved women, and perhaps feared them. He never cultivated a long-term romantic relationship.

The documenter of Montmartre

He developed obsessions with women performers, and many of those turned into friendships. He was, perhaps, enmeshed with his cher maman, who slept with her son until he was 8. Like Lautrec, the dancer Jane Avril suffered from a congenital condition. During her childhood it caused spasms, from which she ultimately conceived her trademark dance moves.

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A hairy-fingered troll of a bassist appears in shadow below the border with his sheet music. The artist worked and played devilishly hard in the last decade of the 19th century. He curdled his liver with absinthe, and he contracted syphilis.

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In , he spent months in a sanatorium, and after his release things only got worse. Skip to main content Collection of Short Stories. In Stock. This is the best collection of a wide range of short stories by various authors I've ever read.

Toulouse graduate School of Aerospace Engineering | ISAE-SUPAERO

I love short stories and I am an obsessive reader. It has remained my favorite for years. Add to cart. Annually these anthologies bring us the best short stories -- and again what a delight! I don't read it straight through but save the work for those shorter times waiting for a train, sitting in a doctor's office, etc when I want good narrative but also some level of resolution or at least reasonable development of a situation.

Wanted: A Western Story Collection. Available for download now.

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I am an old guy and I take my Kindle whenever I go and expect to have to wait somewhere. Each of these short stories is good and I speak from the standpoint of an avid, high volume, reader for over 50 years. These are great to start and finish in 30 minutes or so.

I save my longer books for night reading. See All Buying Options. Reading this is like eating candy-the stories are so varied but all good, even though some have very different flavors.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Great book of short stories. A solid collection of American short stories, most of whom were previously unknown to me. Well worth the price of admission. Tampa, FL. I browsed the internet forever before finding this great anthology. It contains a wonderful selection of stories perfect for middle schoolers.

The only thing that would make it better is if the stories were accompanied by discussion questions. The best short stories EVER!!!

I enjoyed this book over a period of several weeks, reading a few short stories in between other books. Don't feel like you must read the whole book as you would a novel. Coming back to Bradbury after a different style of book is so refreshing. My favorite thing is his way with words. Unlike some authors he really loves being descriptive and will draw a complete picture for you with beautiful words. You can fall in love to his writing.

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This is a fantastic volume of short stories! Joyce Carol Oates's editorial prowess is hugely evident in this air-tight collection, which is replete with both classic stories and perhaps more obscure ones from classic and new authors alike. Merkel Beaverton, Or.

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  • I bought this for my LA class. I found it is great for grades I find that it has a great range of short stories form the various ages.