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This affordable New York college is small for a SUNY institution - total enrollment falls short of 6, - and emphasizes broad-based learning over focused career training. Its 20 academic departments offer majors like Physics, Philosophy, and Anthropology, with fewer options in vocational topics like engineering and IT.

And yet, Geneseo also retains the low tuition, NCAA athletic teams, and research opportunities you'd expect to find at a large state school.

Website As a polytechnic institute, Rensselaer prioritizes practical subjects that prepare students for careers at the forefront of today's technical industries. But more than that, Rensselaer seeks to produce a generation of problem solvers - graduates who will tackle tomorrow's challenges through futuristic means. In fact, of all the options on this top schools in New York ranking, RPI is the go-to destination for majors in bioinformatics, hydrogeology, environmental engineering, business analytics, and other cutting-edge fields.

Website If you're an urbanite who has set your heart on attending one of the best colleges in NYC, you might want to think again. While Manhattan is a great place to go to school, New York is home to plenty of other bustling metropolitan centers - including Albany, its state capital. This is also where you'll find SUNY Albany, a premier public research university serving more than 17, students.

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The school's strategic location places it next to many cultural and entertainment hotspots - but it also provides easy access to internships and networking opportunities. But if you enjoy marine life and are interested in engineering, this school belongs at the very top of yours! This unique college, which is one of just six maritime academies in the US, offers just 11 undergraduate and two graduate programs. The majority are engineering-focused including marine, electrical, facilities, and mechanical engineering , but all are marine-centric.

But even though this expansive state system encompasses a whopping 64 campuses, there can still be only one flagship. The largest and most comprehensive public school in the state, Buffalo offers more than undergraduate and over graduate programs to the 30, students who attend each year. It's also home to 16 Division I athletic teams, more than on-campus clubs, and 17 on-campus residence halls and apartment communities.

City College of New York

Serving more than 23, undergrads and grads pursuing degrees in over programs, CUNY Hunter is a gargantuan presence in a city of giants. And for students who prioritize geography, Hunter College is certainly hard to beat. It boasts a Park Avenue address that places it just two blocks from Central Park and the famous 5th Avenue, one of the world's most iconic - and expensive - streets.

Website The big state schools are clearly dominating the 20's section of our best value colleges in New York ranking. And it's no surprise why; universities like Rochester offer a veritable smorgasbord of academic, athletic, and extracurricular options to suit every interest.

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And yet in some ways, UR is also an outlier among large public institutions. Rochester's other defining feature is its commitment to cutting-edge research. In addition to a leading medical center, the school also hosts a high-tech supercomputer and top-ranked research centers in optics, economics, geology, and more.

Website Perfectly in keeping with the views of Best Value Schools, SUNY New Paltz seeks to provide "high quality, affordable education to students from all social and economic backgrounds. Website Upon first opening its doors in , Queens College earned the nickname "the college of the future. In addition to being one of the top accredited colleges in NYC for diversity, Queens has also cultivated a focus on sustainability - and earned a spot in the Princeton Review's "Green College" guide as a result.

But it's worth leaving Manhattan - and yes, passing up Brooklyn - to check out all that SBU has to offer. Indeed, Stony Brook earns accolades from a range of reputable sources, including U. And the university definitely deserves all the attention it receives. But this accredited school in New York also offers an exciting take on the FYE: the chance to spend your first semester studying in London! Another unique option at Skidmore is its Summer Session program, which enables you to attend "small, informal, and intense" courses that will earn you credits at the fraction of the normal cost.

Website If statistics mean anything and we think they do SUNY Binghamton is a place where happy students go to achieve their goals. But while the freshmen are planning their return trip, the seniors are getting ready for the next step - and nearly 1 in 5 love learning so much that they head straight to graduate school!

So if you're looking for a place that will fuel your passions and prepare you for the future, SUNY Binghamton is one affordable New York college you should seriously consider.

Website With fewer than 2, undergrads, Vassar is one of the smaller schools on our list. And yet, it's the perfect size for students who favor intimate, creative learning environments. There are even "faculty families" that live in each residence hall, making it impossible for students not to develop personal relationships with their professors. Of all the accredited colleges in New York, Vassar also has one of the most scenic.

Its 1,acre campus even includes two National Historic Landmarks! Website Though it may not enjoy the same name recognition of some of its neighbors on this New York colleges ranking, CUNY Bernard M Baruch is every bit as deserving of its position in the top In fact, in many ways, Baruch College epitomizes the concept of a "best value" school. The school also stands out for its emphasis on diversity.

All told, Baruch Bearcats speak more than languages and represent more than countries around the world! Website For more than years, Barnard has offered women a top-notch education in the heart of New York City. With just 2, undergrads, this top college in NYC provides a rigorous education in an intimate setting. And thanks to Barnard's partnership with nearby Columbia University, you can enjoy the small-school experience while still accessing the vast resources of a larger institution.

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The two schools share libraries, courses, and even a joint athletic consortium, while still operating separately from an administrative and policy perspective. Website Now we depart the hustle and bustle of NYC and spend most of the remainder of the best colleges in New York ranking exploring some stellar schools in the suburbs. First up is Colgate, a small, highly-selective liberal arts college located in Hamilton about an hour from Syracuse. One of this college's hallmark attributes is its innovative core curriculum, which emphasizes the "interdisciplinarity of knowledge" and the importance of intellectual engagement as students seek to apply "fresh perspectives" to "classic problems.

Website If you're interested in engineering but have never heard of the Webb Institute, now is the time to learn. This innovative institution - inarguably one of the most unique on our top universities in New York ranking - offers just one academic degree program!


So while it may cater to an extremely small crowd, Webb offers a perfect opportunity for future marine engineers who want to study in a focused environment among like-minded thinkers. What's more, Webb applicants can apply for a host of special scholarships that could reduce - or even eliminate - the cost of tuition. Website To understand Hamilton College's appeal, you need only look at its promise to incoming students: "study what interests you, be accepted for who you are, and prepare to be the person you were meant to become.

Its "open" curriculum gives students the unprecedented flexibility to pursue their interests, regardless of their major or concentration, in Hamilton speak. This is also one of the best New York colleges for writing; despite the lack of official requirements, all undergrads must take at least three writing-intensive courses to bolster their communication skills.

Website Of all the top universities in New York, few rival the name recognition and prestige of Cornell. The school boasts a bevy of famous alumni, from beloved science personality Bill Nye to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice of the Supreme Court. But for an indication of performance, look at the present, not the past so they say. Of course, Cornell has plenty going for it in the here-and-now, too!

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The school is particularly active in research and supports an incredible range of academic institutes and labs. Chief areas of investment include medicine, engineering, and agriculture. All services are free. The Community Scholars program offers independent, community-based scholars from Northern Manhattan access to a suite of University resources.

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This academic enrichment program introduces dedicated high school students to college-level work in the humanities and prepares them for lives as informed, responsible citizens. A collaboration of community, academic, and public health stakeholders using community partnerships, health training, program evaluation, information technology, and infrastructure to improve the health of the Harlem community. Welcome to Columbia! Earth Institute. Medical Center.

News Read more about Current News. Most Visited. Academic Calendar. Academic deadlines, holidays, and other important dates. Summer Session. To Mr. Badillo, is when CUNY began to go astray, and why it needs fixing today. Even after open admissions, the admission process at City College and CUNY's other senior college campuses was never totally open.

But the more open policy, which CUNY administrators had been weighing even before the protests, let students with lower high school averages and test scores into the senior colleges. City College, which had been largely white, began to mirror the population of the high schools, as the protesters had demanded.

An audience of about -- politicians, community leaders, faculty members and students -- gathered yesterday to watch a small group of former protesters unveil a new bronze plaque crediting the open admissions policy with creating ''vast new educational opportunities for all peoples of the City of New York.

Donated by the college's students, faculty and staff, the plaque was bolted to Remembrance Rock on the south campus that the protesters once occupied, near a plaque recalling ''the gallant boys of Alma Mater who died'' in American military battles, including Gettysburg, San Juan Hill, Argonne Forest, Normandy Beach and Korea. Some of the speakers yesterday called the occupation another of America's great battles. Powell, who could not attend yesterday's ceremony but talked about the events in an interview, said Basil A.

Paterson, a State Senator he met then, told him to go into law. Powell said. For Mr. Small, whose life has been intertwined with City College, the experiences three decades ago were seminal.

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He became the first black student government president at the college and met his wife now a doctor there. Of their five children, four went to City College. He also was an adjunct professor in the black studies department run by Leonard Jeffries, whose anti-Semitic remarks led to his removal as chairman and the closing of the department. Small also managed the student center for many years. He recalls in a choked voice the black City College graduate who saved his granddaughter when she was born several months premature at a hospital in Virginia and other doctors seemed ready to let her die.