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Because my many blog posts on the subject have grown like kudzu, I have assembled the most important information here in a single digest. The article below is a revised and adapted version of several blog posts that have run on my blog from to There is not one single authentic medieval document that a confirms a Holy Bloodline of Jesus, b links Henry Sinclair to the Knights Templar, or c documents any voyage by Henry Sinclair to anywhere outside of Europe. How the myth formed is an astonishing story on its own.

In fact, it does not date back far enough to do so. A century later, Wolfram von Eschenbach made it into a stone in his Parzival. The stories of the Holy Chalice and the magical Grail merged, and suddenly a myth arose that a line of sacred knights guarded the magical cup of Christ called the Holy Grail. Thus, mystically, the Royal Blood and Holy Grail were one and the same, the cup standing for the divine blood it contained.

This is very much in keeping with medieval religious symbolism, and most scholars accept that the magical powers of the holy cup derive from a mixture of Christian symbolism, particularly that of the newly-instituted ritual of communion, and Celtic more broadly Indo-European myths of the immortality bestowed by magic cauldrons. Many appear in Celtic lore, though I am more familiar with the cauldron used by the Greek Medea to restore Jason or Aeson to youth, another version of the same Indo-European magic cup myth.

Beginning in the Romantic Era, writers began to see a parallel between the storied Knights Templar and the Grail Knights, part of the increasing respect afforded the pageantry and drama of the Middle Ages in that era. They were a practical military order based at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the Crusades. Involved in banking, they became very wealthy, leading a greedy pope and French king to accuse them of idol worship and heresy in in order to suppress the order and gain their money.

They were never famed in their own time for any particular religious piety beyond that of any other crusading group. Since then, writers have tried to imagine any less mundane reason than money for their demise. Often, this effort descended into wild claims about alternative religions, derived from the original accusation of the heretical worship of a demon-idol named Baphomet.

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He was a Freemason and read backward into the Grail Romances the Masonic tradition, on the authority of the Scottish Freemasons, who had adopted the Templars as honorary predecessors as part of their fabricated mythic past. John, also called the Hospitallers. No, the Templars did not move to Scotland to form Masonry. By the s, anti-Masonic activists were using the confused Templar connection to paint the Masons as a revival of the idol worshipping pagan Templars. But Fauriel was proposing a literary theory—that the Grail Romances symbolized the Templars—not a historical theory that they encoded an actual Holy Grail.

The development of this idea is chiefly the work of the mid-Victorian French scholar E. Aroux, who believed that the Holy Grail must have been the secret doctrine of the Templars, an alternative Gospel, for which they were condemned for heresy.

A German, Dr. Simrock—a mythologist prone to seeing ancient connections in every similarity of symbol—took up the story, reporting the work of his predecessor:. By , the idea that the Holy Grail story had symbolically represented the Knights Templar had become a given, and one that became associated with anti-Masonism and Theosophy. The Theosophical writer Isabel Cooper-Oakley produced a book called Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Medieval Mysticism that forever linked the Grail, the Templars, and the Freemasons, in service of the alien-worshipping Theosophists, who believed the Templars were privy to extraterrestrial secrets imparted by the Ascended Masters from other planets.

She, in turn, was again drawing on Simrock, who divined without proof a secret order that had preserved Templar secrets from the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries. The triangle, circle, or lozenge, due to their resemblance to the female pubic region, was in his view symbolic of the woman and thus the feminine counterpart to the true object of universal veneration, his—er, the —penis. Graham Hancock, in The Sign and the Seal , thought that the varied descriptions of the Grail as a vessel and as a stone suggested that it was a symbol of the Ark of Covenant, a vessel containing the stones inscribed with the Ten Commandments.

Compounding speculation upon speculation did not strengthen the results. The Priory of Sion was a hoax created in by a delusional French draftsman named Pierre Plantard who fabricated its entire history to support his false claim to be the last descendant of Christ and the rightful universal monarch of the world prophesied by Nostradamus. Despite the exposure of the hoax, Laurence Gardner, the late genealogist to the pretender to the Stuart royal line in Britain, wrote a book called Bloodline of the Holy Grail recapitulating all of this and ascribing the Christian bloodline to his boss, the Stuart pretender.

Chart of The "I AM" Presence

Clair family chapel in Scotland. In this reading, the St. Clair family was in fact the Scottish branch of Jesus bloodline, guarded by the Templars, who after their disbanding became Freemasons. They did not, of course, as mentioned above. Freemasonry did not erupt for more than years after the end of the Templars, too long for any real connection. Then, to tie it up with a bow, the faker Pierre Plantard once went by the fake name Saint-Clair.

Dan Brown then canonized the entire story by using elements of all these modern versions in The Da Vinci Code They are not morphologically the same. Thus was the modern idea of a Grail-Templar-Freemason-Bloodline myth born from the accidental asides of a range of earlier ideas, including literary theory, anti-Catholicism, anti-Masonry, Theosophy, sex worship, New Age mysticism, and fraud.

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Quite the pedigree. This may or may not draw on the Gnostic tradition embodied in the Gospel of Philip that Jesus loved Mary above all other disciples and kissed her frequently on the mouth This Gospel was lost to the West until , when it was rediscovered in the Nag Hammadi corpus.

Martin Luther and Brigham Young are both said to have concurred with the idea that Jesus and Mary had a sexual relationship, but I have not read the specific texts where they do so. At another level, the Bloodline myth comes from the Gnostic heresy that Jesus survived the crucifixion Irenaeus, Against Heresies 1.

The Seventh Golden Age

As Irenaeus put it,. These two ideas began to merge only in the s and s, when feminist scholars began investigating the life of Jesus for evidence of matriarchy, goddess worship, and early feminism. In those years, claims emerged that Mary had been an equal disciple with the men, or the best-loved disciple, or even a remnant of a faded goddess figure.

The journalist William E. Phipps popularized the subject in the book Was Jesus Married? The newly-important position of Mary Magdalene allowed the authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail to plausibly or seemingly so argue that Jesus had in fact married Mary. Yet another strand of the story is a medieval French legend, from the eleventh century first attested in the twelfth but best known from Petrus de Natalibus in the fifteenth century , that claimed that Mary Magdalene and Lazarus took up residence in Provence, where they converted all the people to Christianity and reigned over them with Lazarus as governing bishop—obviously untrue since Provence remained pagan and under Roman control for centuries after Mary Magdalene.

In fact, by three different abbeys in France each claimed to have the corpse of Mary. In the earliest recorded, form, that of Sigebert of Gembloux in the Chronicon sive Chronographia entry for the story goes like this:. I was not new to Mary Magdalen, and always believed that she was really not a prostitute. I was merely interested in her, and the notion that perhaps she was married to Jesus Christ. I had to know more. Could there actually have been a conspiracy by the Church to hide her identity, and change the Biblical texts to retain power, and control? I went to Chartres Cathedral in France driven by a strong desire to visit the altar of the Black Madonna and an even stronger desire to visit the goddess site that lies underneath the church.

I read anything I could in tour guides, but Shinoda Bolen was the best guide that I found.

Her book prepared me for the possibility that the labyrinth would be hidden by chairs as it was and directly to the little book store on the plaza that sold tickets and led tours into the grotto below where one of the oldest images of the Black Madonna survives. It was there, in France, that I knew that my journey with Magdalen was just beginning. She spoke to me, not with words, but with an overwhelming sense of peace and love. It seemed to me that her truth, the true story of her relationship to Jesus needed to be revealed. I followed a path, and have landed in this place and time where I continue my search for truth, and can now see that this is only beginning the journey.

Now I am encountering Magdalen as an Ascended Master, and finding myself intrigued by the stories in the less academic texts. None-the-less, I believe everything I read has significance. Although several sources report encounters with Mary Magdalen as an Ascended Master, I find that the book by Tom Kenyon and Judi Scion, The Magdalen Manuscript beautifully brings the possibility of encounters with Magdalen to life. Magdalen appears to them to tell her story of both joy and despair.

ywavasax.tk Her teaching is both evocative and provocative as she explains her relationship with Jesus as both spiritual and sexual, for the reality is that they are one. Magdalen encourages her students to explore the deeper meanings of the teachings of Christ. Those stories that have not been erased take on new meaning. I believe that we must be open to the possibility that Mary Magdalen is in our consciousness to teach us about love and the true word of Goddess and God. Are the Ascended Masters real? Do they speak or appear to humans? Every reality is imaginal, because it is able to present itself as a reality.

To speak of the metaphorical world is nothing less than to contemplate a metaphysics of Being where subject and object are born together in the same creative act as transcendental imagination. The Ascended Masters, as I have come to understand, are teachers and healers. My most profound experiences with what I understand to be Masters began in October of as a single ball of light flitting about my Mount Shasta campsite. I was sitting outside at Panther Meadows with a fellow traveler. We both watched the light, and understood that this was an introduction.

There was no voice, but a feeling of welcome, a sense of peace, mixed with the excitement of things to come. The tennis ball sized light stayed with us well past midnight. It was the first and last encounter that I had for more than twenty years. The mountain is known to be the home of Ascended Masters from the lost continent of Lemuria.